We are pleased to announce that registration is now open for this year’s Southeast Asia Reformed Network conference.

Many Christian workers in Southeast Asia are involved in ministries aimed at making disciples and planting churches. Therefore, the issue of how to make disciples and cultivate churches that are pleasing and honouring to God is very important.

There are many different strategies promoted to help in this work, although, sadly, they often rely on pragmatism or human wisdom rather than adherence to God’s Word and prayerful dependence upon Him. Therefore, this conference seeks to clarify what is a healthy church, and to help us make disciples that are deeply shaped by God’s Word.

To achieve this end the plenary sessions will focus on the Church: Tim Miskimen (lecturer in systematic theology at Asia Biblical Theological Seminary) will help us to think about what the church is, what it should do, and how we can be cultivating healthy churches. There will also be several workshops which support this theme, focused on discipleship. Natee Tanchanpongs will teach on the use of creeds, catechisms and confessions in discipling believers. Michael will address issues in discipling believers from a Muslim background and explore how biblical methods might be promoted. Dan Rutledge will consider the topic of how to use Biblical Counselling to equip believers to help each other grow in Christ. There will also be a further three workshops addressing other aspects of discipleship including a women’s specific workshop – more details to follow.

Please join with us in praying that God might be pleased to use this conference to help promote biblical discipleship and healthy churches in Southeast Asia – all to His glory.

We look forward to learning and fellowshipping with you at the conference.

Making Disciples, Cultivating Healthy Churches in Southeast Asia

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