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The question above is fair enough to ask. With many of us coming from countries, church backgrounds and cultures where conferences are the norm, We can become overwhelmed by which conference we should attend. In some cases the ministry or church you are part of might have their own conference that you already attend. In other cases you might not have one to attend. The hope here is to answer the question of why we have created the South East Asia Reformed Conference and also to provide a clear reason for you to join us in November 2014.

The Need is There
The South East Asia Reformed Conference began with a very basic question on Facebook back in January of this year. This question was: are there any Reformed based conferences in the region? With comments and recommendations coming out of that question it was a clear that the answer was no. A committee was formed to discuss if such a conference should take place and what it would look like. Through these discussions, along with prayer, many questions were answered. This committee then drafted and established a vision and mission for this conference.
The vision and mission for this conference is not just to fellowship, but also to reflect on our desire to build up the Church community in Southeast Asia. This region is greatly in need of a strong biblical-based movement that reflects who we are in our faith, theology, and in Christ. Whether you are a missionary from another country or a local pastor, elder or deacon. The goal of this conference is to bring us all together to strengthen each other as Christ and the Apostles have instructed. All this has lead to the creation of the Southeast Asian Reformed Conference 2014 – Proclaiming Christ in Asian Contexts.

What to Expect Next
November 20 – 22, 2014 will be the dates of the conference. At this conference you can expect the study of God’s Word; workshops to build our skills and understanding of the region we are all working in; worship of our Lord God for His glory; and a time to meet and connect with like-minded believers who are here in the region working together for the body of Christ. Out of this conference will come the launch of the Southeast Asian Reformed Network. This network will be the movement that will carry on the vision of connecting fellow missionaries and local Christians with a Reformed worldview for the purpose of building one another in Christ.

How to Get Involved
We encourage you to register for the conference that will be held in November 2014. We also suggest that you sign up for our updates so that you can keep informed. There will be blog postings from the speakers that will be presenting at the conference this year’s conference. Click on “Conference” in the main menu for the registration process.

Why Another Conference?
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