• How did the Southeast Asia Network for the Gospel come about?
    In 2013 the Southeast Asia Network for the Gospel began when a small group of missionaries came together to organize an annual conference to think about ministry issues in the region from a Reformed perspective. They organized the first annual Southeast Asia Reformed Conference in 2014 (now the Southeast Asia Network for the Gospel), with an accompanying network to bring people and resources together.


  • What are the Southeast Asia Network for the Gospel’s beliefs?
    The Southeast Asia Network for the Gospel is a network of believers who subscribe to Reformed beliefs. Reformed theology is God-centered and Scripture based. Historically, the term “Reformed” refers specifically to Presbyterian and Continental Reformed believers who hold to Calvinistic beliefs, an ecclesiology that emphasizes elders and connectionalism between churches, and Word-centered worship led by the regulative principle.While some participants in the Southeast Asia Network for the Gospel are Reformed in this more traditional sense, the word “Reformed” is used more broadly in defining the boundaries of the Southeast Asia Reformed Network. For the purposes of networking with those of generally Calvinistic and Reformed Protestant theological convictions (think Five Solas), we are using the word “Reformed” in a broad sense that includes Calvinistic believers from various church backgrounds, including (but not limited to) Presbyterian, Dutch Reformed, Baptist, Anglican, and Independent churches. We envision the Southeast Asia Network for the Gospel to have the same breadth that one would find in groups / conferences such as The Gospel Coalition or Together for the Gospel.


  • Was the Southeast Asia Network for the Gospel previously known as the Southeast Asia Reformed network? Why did the name change?
    We believe that what the network has to offer is beneficial to Christians in a wide variety of ministry and ecclesiastical settings, and it was decided that changing the network’s name from “Reformed” to “Gospel” would open the way for a broader group of people to participate in the conference and network. For a more thorough explanation, see this blog post (click)


  • Is the Southeast Asia Network for the Gospel associated with a particular church or mission organization?
    We are not associated with any one church, denomination, or mission organization. We are Reformed believers from a variety of churches and mission organizations, coming together for fellowship, training, and mutual encouragement in applying the Word of God to life and ministry in Asia. We do have several Ministry Partners which you can learn about here.


  • How can I get involved in the Southeast Asia Network for the Gospel and get connected to network members in my area?
    As a network, we desire that more and more believers become involved. We invite any who would like to be involved to join and take part. Come to our conference and contact us for further information on how you can be a part. Find us on Facebook and ‘like’ our page to stay up to date with blogs and announcements from the network. Register for our annual conference (2018 November dates-to-be-announced, Bangkok, Thailand), and tell your friends about the network.


  • What is the Southeast Asia Network for the Gospel Conference?
    The Southeast Asia Network for the Gospel Conference is an opportunity for Reformed or Confessional believers (and those open to Reformed or Confessional teaching) to join other missionaries and Christian leaders as we fellowship together, explore the Scriptures, and learn about living and ministering in an Asian context from a Reformed perspective.  The conference will include plenary sessions (preaching and panel discussions) and workshops to help us think together about issues and challenges that concern us.


  • Who can attend the Southeast Asia Network for the Gospel conference?
    Any Christian from any nationality is welcome to attend the conference.


  • Do I have to be Reformed to attend the Southeast Asia Network for the Gospel Conference?
    No. Christians from any theological conviction are welcome to attend the conference.  All speakers, presenters, and panel discussion participants will be speaking from a broadly Reformed perspective (as defined by the Gospel Coalition’s Confessional Statement which the SEA Reformed Network has adopted).


  • What language will the conference use?
    All plenary sessions and workshops will be in English.  Speakers of other languages are welcome and encouraged to attend and future conferences may include other Asian languages depending on interest.


  • Can I bring my kids to the conference?
    Yes. You are welcome to bring your children to the conference. However, please know that we do not have a separate children’s program.


  • Are Network staff paid?
    No. All members of the Executive Committee and Conference Committee are volunteers. Administrative positions are also volunteers. At this time we want the network to grow with little financial burdens, our largest costs besides the conference are website administrative costs. We welcome gifts to help support network expenses to help keep conference costs down.


  • How can I join the Network?
    We are a network of churches, individuals and organizations. We do hold a members list if you wish to join the network, simply sign up for our newsletter and send your information to us: send us an email.