Greetings to all our beloved brothers and sisters.

The South East Asia Network for the Gospel started in 2014, and each year since then we have been blessed, encouraged, and edified through our annual conference.

Sadly, we are sorry to announce that we will not be hosting our annual conference this year (2019).

The Southeast Asia Network for the Gospel has from its beginnings been a network of Reformed believers who want to see an increasing number of pastors, missionaries and Christians in Southeast Asia grounded in a Reformed worldview, able to apply the Scriptures faithfully to life and ministry in Southeast Asia. The network, blog, and conference are run entirely by volunteers who serve the network in addition to their other responsibilities.

As Reformed-minded believers meet each other online and at the conferences, it is the organizers’ hope that friendships, resource sharing, and co-operative ministry efforts would be birthed, and new Reformed initiatives would develop throughout Southeast Asia.

We hope to be able to have a conference again in 2020, however, for this to happen we would need more volunteers who would be able to give their time to organizing the conference and promoting the network. We are thankful for those who are currently involved and contributing. If you are interested in helping out, please contact us! (

Our blog will continue, in hopes of being a blessing to readers and former conference attendees even though we won’t have a conference this year. Contributions to the blog are also welcome, please contact if you would like to help the network in this way.


To God be the Glory,

Southeast Asia Network for the Gospel

Announcement: no SEANG conference in 2019

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