Have  you ever wished you had materials to help your church grow in grace and move away from legalism? Ever wished there were helpful case studies out there to use? Now there are just such resources to help all churches, but particularly churches in Southeast Asia.

What is the difference between gospel grace and religious activity? If we don’t understand grace, we don’t understand the gospel. How can Christians show grace and mercy to each other and to non-Christians? Jesus said people will know we are his disciples if we love one another. How can we do this? Gospel Grace Versus Dead Religion: Helping Churches Practice Grace without Abandoning Holiness will aid believers grow in the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

This material is divided into four parts:

  • First, a story (“A Church for Carl”);
  • Second, a study (focusing on the Bible and its teaching about grace and holiness);
  • Third, some scenarios, case studies, of grace (applying Scripture to several situations: Getting a nose ring, smoking, adultery, gossiping, drinking alcohol, getting a tattoo, fornicating, gathers with the church only once a week, eating too much, and playing cards);
  • Fourth, a brief conclusion.

This material is in English and in Vietnamese. Click the link to see the original post.

(Bằng Tiếng Việt là: Ân Điển của Phúc Âm và Tôn Giáo Chết)

Gospel Grace Versus Dead Religion: Case Studies

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