Sin darkens our mind. It blurs our perception. It deceives us. It blinds us from knowing the truth – truth about ourselves and about God. Because of it we cannot see things objectively on our own.

For example, when we live in sin and enjoy its fleeting pleasure we think everything is fine. We are oblivious to the coming judgment, unaware that the end leads to death. We know of no disaster or destruction that is coming. Or, in our self-deception, we deny the reality of God and His coming wrath to those who are rebellious and disobedient.

O, how sin makes a fool out of us! But the good news is there is hope! There is salvation and deliverance from sin. Thanks be to God through our Lord Jesus Christ! He is the Savior! He is the only Redeemer from sin and death. He is way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6).

He came from heaven to suffer and die for our sin and for our sake. His sacrificial death satisfied the wrath of God on account of our sin. Christ has reconciled us with God in His death. Thus He redeemed us, His people, from the penalty and corruption of sin. By shedding His precious blood He paid the price of our eternal salvation.

He also set us free from the dominion of sin. And by the power of His Spirit living in us He sanctifies us. He even makes us wise, setting us free from the delusion and deception of sin and Satan by the truth of His Word and the illuminating work of the Spirit.

Sin still dwells in our body and it is still a potent power that can easily entice and deceive us. However, we are no longer under the power of sin. We are now under the power and authority of Jesus Christ. We are now in Him and He in us.

The power of the Spirit living and working in us is greater than the power of sin. As we “keep in step with the Spirit” we are enabled to put off sin and to put on Christ. We are now capable of living a life pleasing to God pursuing holiness.

As Christians we should always be aware of this continuing battle against remaining sin in us for “[f]ailure to deal with the presence of sin can often be traced back to spiritual amnesia – forgetting our new, true, real identity,” says Sinclair B. Ferguson.

“As a believer,” Ferguson continues, “I am someone who has been delivered from the dominion of sin and who therefore is free and motivated to fight against the remnants of sin in my heart. You must know, rest in, think through, and act upon your new identity – you are in Christ” (Sinclair B. Ferguson, “In Christ Alone: Living the Gospel-Centered Life” Kindle edition).

Battling against sin, such as unbelief, greed, sexual immorality, anger, lying, and a host of other sins, is still real each day. One must not let his guard down in this battle. One must not give up when he stumbles. Rather he must persevere knowing that Christ, by His Spirit, will enable him to fight this struggle until he is victorious.

The Christian’s Battle Against Remaining Sin

Vic Bernales is an ordained minister in the Pearl of the Orient Covenant Reformed Church. He pastors the Davao Covenant Reformed Church in Davao City, Philippines. He earned his Master of Divinity at Mid-America Reformed Seminary at Dyer, Indiana, U.S.A.

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